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About Us

Karoll Capital Management is an independent, flexible, entrepreneurial asset management firm established in Bulgaria in 2003.

Our dedicated team based on the ground, with native understanding of the region’s economies, companies, and market dynamics, helps clients harness the exciting potential of Emerging Europe.


Our belief that Emerging Europe represents a truly outstanding, yet overlooked investment opportunity has led us to launch a suit of specialty equity strategies - UCITS mutual funds and separately managed accounts (SMAs). Karoll Capital’s clients are various individual, corporate and institutional investors - pension funds, insurance companies and endowments. The firm complies with UN's Principles for Responsible Investment.


Additionally, Karoll Capital partners with top international firms in offering clients a variety of global mutual funds, SMAs, sub-advisory, savings plans, and wealth management. We represent Schroders UK in the local markets with 100+ global funds.




Deep understanding of local markets

"Emerging Europe offers a unique investment theme with strong growth potential and low correlation to the developed world. It is a truly overlooked opportunity!

We generate alpha in Emerging Europe while helping global investors overcome local barriers."

Daniel Ganev
Chief Executive Officer, Karoll Capital Management

Karoll Capital Management is part of Karoll Financial Group, founded in Bulgaria in 1993 and comprising three main business lines – asset management, brokerage, investment banking.


With 250 professionals in 120 offices across Bulgaria, Karoll Group is the country’s largest independent financial services provider. It is a pioneer in developing financial services and products and, through Karoll Corporate University, it offers internships and actively promotes financial markets knowledge among students and academics.


Over 30 years Karoll Financial Group has pioneered groundbreaking products in the country like the first stock mutual fund, first private equity firm, farm land REIT, as well as top-ranked brokerage, investment banking and insurance platforms.

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